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The Intersection of Cancer and Life with Emily Garnett

Dec 26, 2018

It's hard to believe this is episode 12 - the last episode of Season 1of the Intersection of Cancer and Life. Thank you all so much for following along and listening to our show. Thank you too, to our incredible guests this season: Nora McMahon, Justin Birckbichler, Marianne Duquette Cuozzo, Robin Browne,...

Dec 20, 2018

Episode 11 of the Intersection of Cancer and Life features Annmarie Otis, the founder of Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer. Annmarie was diagnosed with Stage I breast cancer in 2012, and Stupid Dumb Breast Cancer is her fierce and unconventional initiative to promote awareness, early detection, and advocacy surrounding...

Dec 13, 2018

"Fear is darkness, and education is light." -Wendy Chioji

Episode 10 of the Intersection of Cancer and Life features Wendy Chioji, a freelance television producer, six-time Ironman, and triathlete, who has tackled everything in her life, including her three cancer diagnoses, with the same motto: "Just say yes." 


Dec 6, 2018

**I am doing a Reddit AMA today (12/6) at 9 AM EST!**

"Holy shit, I need to make bras." - Dana Donofree

Episode 9 of the Intersection of Cancer and Life features an incredible guest: Dana Donofree. Dana is best known as the founder and creator of AnaOno, a lingerie company specifically for women navigating breast...